Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make This!!

Fresh Cherry Turnovers!

Our friend Lin recently gave us several pounds of fresh cherries. They were so delicious, I wanted to make a fresh cherry pie with some of the fruit. I found a tasty recipe for fresh cherry turnovers from Recipe Girl instead. The filling was so good, I was eating it out of the bowl before I even assembled the dough.  The dough was just as good. Butter & cream cheese rich. What's not to like?

 At first, my dough looked like it was just a giant ball of cream cheese. I kneaded it a few times and it was perfect. The next time I make these, I will definitely make a double batch of the dough. A single batch was not enough.

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Heidi Schulz said...

Those look yummy! I just had dinner and strawberry shortcake. I am most definitely not hungry, but my mouth is still watering over those. Thanks for tweeting me the link!