Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leaving the Nest.....

Naseem left for college on Sunday and it's been so bittersweet. We are so happy and excited for her to start her journey at WSU (GO COUGS!!), but are equally as sad to have her leave.
All packed & ready to last photo before leaving our house.

Near Boardman, Oregon, Remy needed a potty break. Omid pulled off the freeway near these cottonwood trees. I couldn't resist a few photos.

I really wanted to walk down this path. It was so picturesque!
Just outside Colfax near the airport. We HAD to stop for a 'wheat' picture.

Almost there!!

Love watching the combines in action.

Nas & I left Omid, Matty & Remy to park the truck and we went to check her in & inspect her room.

Omid & Remy....waiting.

Matty was a trooper & made the two trips back & forth with Nas' belongings.

We were so lucky too: the elevator broke about an hour after Naseem was all moved in. It remained broken until the repairman finally arrived @ 1p.m. the next day!! I felt sorry for all those kids/parents who lived on the upper floors!
Home sweet, home!

Finally unpacked & organized.

Naseem's best friend Leah!
She moved into a different dorm & came over to visit after unpacking.
So happy the girls will have each other at WSU!

After Nas was all unpacked, we left her to visit with Leah and we went to set up our trailer in the RV parking lot. Here's our get up.... Yes, we ditched our tent and camped inside the travel trailer!
Evening storm. Right after I took this photo, we had a lightning storm.
 It lasted about an hour and was beautiful.
I LOVED the fact that there was NO THUNDER! ☺

Our set up! Don't laugh, it worked!
 I was especially thankful we weren't in a tent as we had a rain shower around 2 a.m. We stayed nice & dry. ☺
The next morning, we got up and walked around campus.
Nas was bonding with her roommate, so we only saw her briefly.
It was sad to be doing things without her, but we were so happy she acclimated so well!
My tasty 'flyboy' from Cafe Moro. Espresso, chai, vanilla & steamed milk. Yum!
After breakfast, we headed down to the Snake River.
The drive was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!
No matter how many times I drive through these hills, I will never get tired of this landscape.

We ended up at 'The Dunes' and had the entire beach to ourselves for several hours. It was perfect!

If we look sad in this picture, we are. Neither of us wanted to leave. We had so many wonderful memories of our time in Pullman. We are so happy that Naseem will get to experience WSU & make her own memories.

Saying goodbye was awful. Absolutely one of the worst things I have ever had to do in my life. Both Omid and I were a mess driving home. It was equally sad to walk into our house and know that Nas will just be visiting from now on.


bgygi said...

This made me cry! By the way, they have updated the furniture in Gannon since I was there :)

Laurel said...

Bittersweet is right! Now that I'm on the other end of this, I can empathize.

Chris and Sarah said...

Oh man!!! I feel for you guys!! I love all your pics....the scenery is BEAUTIFUL, and your family looks great! (even the sad parent pic!) Naseem looks happy, too! I love that wheat! What a special memory your send-off getaway was.