Thursday, August 4, 2011

George Thorogood Part 2

Today was the day! A free George Thorogood mini-concert. And I mean mini. George sang 4 songs and told a few stories. The entire mini concert was 30 minutes. was free and we had a good time!

Our tickets!

 Waiting with the other concert contest winners.

 We were told that we couldn't take any photos until
George had finished playing.

George sounded great & he certainly was amazing with his guitar. One interesting note: he has a HUGE ego and was very cocky. did make for some funny stories. He is a true American redneck, that's for sure! George sang the one song I was hoping he would sing: One bourbon, one scotch & one beer. He saved that one for last. ☺


sbaily said...

it looks like om is going to hawaii

erinz said...

That's his new Jamaica Jaxx shirt from Costco!