Monday, August 29, 2011

Make This!!

Meatloaf! I used The Pioneer Woman's meatloaf recipe & tweaked it just a bit.

TPW calls for using white sandwich bread. I only had French bread, so I used that.
Funny thing about using French bread - the crusts come off & after my mealoaf was completely mixed,
I found these weird looking things in my meatloaf mix. I thought it was something in the beef & panicked for a minute.
Don't panic - it's just the crusts.

Fun fact: buy Angus beef when it's on sale. So soft & tasty!

Fun fact: You can 'Persianize' your meatloaf by adding in half a grated onion.

I skipped the bacon 'on the top' & added two brats (minus the intestine case) for flavor.

My new meatloaf pan found at Fred Meyer. 25% off plus a bonus 10% coupon!
After I placed the mix in the pan, I realized I completely forgot to add the parmesan cheese!!!!
Oh well, next time.

This meatloaf took 2 and a half hours to cook! Too long in my book!!!! I actually
had to cut it in half at hour number two to get it to finish cooking.
It tasted like the IKEA Swedish meatballs (not bad) but,
if you like Persian Koobideh like myself...
why do you need meatloaf? I will stick to Koobideh!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Looks good! I made a meatloaf last night too, and it took 2.5 hours!!!!!!! What's with that?