Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh Baby!

I had such a fun time at Moses' baby shower today! Look below for some good shots & some pics where guests didn't realize I was about to shoot. Sorry about that!!!
Moses & his Grammy.

Hip hostess Laurel with her a-m-a-z-i-n-g mint brownies.

diaper cake!

The spread. So much good food!
Click on the photo to read the descriptions.

Jill's daughter Nelson with Moses.
Auntie Laurel

Jennier, Jill, Christine, Sarah, Hannah & Beka

Jo & Fiona

Laurel, Sarah & Karen

3 generations: Barbie, Annika & Jennifer

Beka explaining an 'activity.'
 Here's the activity: wishes that Beka will make into a book for Moses.
Beka's nephew Jack had the best answers. I wish I had asked him to help me with mine!

Look at this doll! Love it!
This was my favorite out of all the gifts Moses/Sarah received.

♥Dear Moses: Hope you felt all the love!!♥


Chris and Sarah said...

This day wouldn't have been the same without you or your amazing tasty treats! Thank you so much for showing up and all the support!

Laurel said...

A) Great photos
B) I'm glad you labeled it vampire dip
C) Thanks for helping with the spread
D) That doll was my favorite gift too