Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Our daughter Naseem is away attending WAZZU in Pullman (Go Cougs!!). She is constantly complaining about the food in the dining hall & especially the insipid cinnamon rolls served at breakfast. Nas has been heard to cry more than once "Why isn't there a Cinnabon on campus?!"

Omid felt so sorry for Naseem this past weekend that he drove out to the nearest Cinnabon & purchased a package of Minibons for her. We told her to expect a package from home this week, but there was a caveat to receiving it. She had to either Skype us when opening her package or record it & send us the video.

 We knew she would be super excited & the video she sent doesn't disappoint.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The shitake mushroom word makes an appearance. Sorry!

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Laurel said...

That's funny! Makes me want to send her a package. :)