Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Tip

It's happened to me so many times: The urge to bake something right away, only to find the extra butter frozen. Of course, the cube that was room temperature was only half a cube & had 'toast' crumbs or jam specks on it. So I'd microwave the frozen butter hoping to get it just right, but ended up with a pool of melted butter instead. Then I would stick the liquid in the freezer hoping for it to 'set up' enough for me to use. This would result in recipes not turning out the way they should have.

After being burned by this method too many times, I finally decided to try grating my frozen butter over a box grater. The results? PERFECT! The rock hard butter was transformed in minutes! This has been my go to method for over 20 years now. Try it! It works!!!

My favorite!

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