Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lamb-Tastic Party!

Two good friends have an idea....roast a whole lamb on a rotisserie, invite lots of people, add some sidedishes + alcohol = instant party. Omid and Ward have been talking about this party for a long time. Ward found a local farmer selling fresh lamb, put a deposit on it and bam! One week to plan our party.
Special thanks to Sarah & her husband Chris for the 'lamb-tastic' theme.
Our chefs!

Our invite: haiku fun!

The key ingredient to any party: the proper equipment. Go Cougs!

Lamb roasting station

The guest of honor: lamb-i-poo.

Ward, Lin & Omid prepping the lamb.

I exaggerated when I told  Sarah we used a pound of rosemary. It was more like a gallon (according to my Ziplock freezer bag). Several oranges, lemons & limes were also stuffed inside the lamb cavity.

Omid's new rotisserie.
Go time! Charcoal lit & the lamb placed on the spit. 4 hours later = dinner.
Chewing the fat & monitoring the lamb.

My mom & sisters

About three hours in....looking good!

Papa helping Ward & Omid.

The real star of the party: baby Moses!

Moses' pround parents: Chris & Sarah

My besties! Lin & Ward
Beatiful times 2 = Annette & Jovanna

Omid, Vince & Mia

Gina, Lianna & Lia

New friends: Cayden & Tyler

Friends Wendie & Jay
Fun fact: Wendie is a newly published author. Yay Wendie!!

Finally! Dinner time. Our menu included Persian rice with cranberries, cardamom & pistachios, yogurt with almonds, herbs & cucumbers, various Middle Eastern appetizers, mango chutney & a big bowl of tabbouleh salad.

Witty Tom & B (and Remy too).

Remy & B. Oh Remy. He was such a naughty beggar boy. He squeaked & cried his way through the evening, forgetting all his manners. >:(

Facts from the night:
*lamb = 41 lbs.
*beverages consumed = 1 gallon of Vodka, 1/2 gallon of wine, 1/5 whiskey, one case of beer, one case sparkling water & one case soda. We had plenty of designated drivers, so no one drove intoxicated!
*Lamb carcass does not smell as delcious as lamb w/meat on it. After my dad carved & served the lamb, the carcass sat on the island for 20 minutes. It took on a 'wild' smell & we had to remove it from the kitchen.
*40 guests invited, 29 attended.

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Chris and Sarah said...

Erin & Omid! Thank you sooo much for such a lamb-tastic evening full of tasty treats!!!!! It was a blast!!! Sorry Moses screamed blue bloody murder for a decent portion. !!!!!