Thursday, March 22, 2012

Make This!

Kit Kat- M&M Cake!
Make this! It's super easy & so festive!

I made this cake for my friend Kumiko's bday yesterday. I got the recipe from Noble Pig, who got it from Recipe Girl.  I made a red velvet cake & used whipped cream topping instead of chocolate cake & buttercream frosting.

 The first thing you do after make your cake batter is fill 6 cupcake liners with batter. This is done so the cake is short enough for the Kit Kat bars to make a fence to hold the M&Ms. If all the cake batter is used, the Kit Kat bars won't be tall enough.

Absolutely positively love the contast between the blue & white.

Frost your cake.

Add the Kit Kat fence.
Pour an entire bag of M&Ms on top. Press slightly into the frosting.
Secure the fence with a ribbon & you're done!
Fun Fact: I get my whipped cream frosting from the Fred Meyer bakery. They can tint it any color you like. It costs about $1.75 for a one pound container. It also doesn't have to be refrigerated & tastes great!

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