Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get Crafty!

Easter Surprise Eggs!
I found this craft last year right before Easter from Not Martha. I started saving egg shells a few weeks ago so I could make them this year. They are SO cute!
Tap the ends out of eggs & empty the shells. Sterilize the shells in boiling water + a bit of vinegar for 10 mins. Let dry. I did this step in stages. Every time I baked or used eggs in any way, I made sure to save the shells. When I had a bunch, I sterilized them.

For the first time ever, I used regular food coloring instead of PAAS brand dye. It worked better than I thought. I dyed some brown eggs for the first time ever as well. The saffron colored eggs are the brown ones. They came out really beautiful after sitting in the red dye.

Now the fun part: fill the eggs! I added little chenille chicks along with the candy. Cost Plus has lots of different sizes & colors.
Oops! Head first.
Much better.☺
Along with the chicks, I added a Rolo candy, a Hershey's Kiss & 2 Whopper bird eggs.

Next you need to seal the open ends. You can use mini cupcake liners for this & trim them if they are too big.
I found these teeny tiny liners at IKEA.

Place glue around the liner, insert a 'crack me' message & glue the liner to the open end of the egg. 

Place in cute bags & share!

Happy Easter!!
Be advised! The empty shells are extremely fragile. I lost three eggs during the coloring process!
These chickies are headed over to Pullman in an Easter care package for my daughter.☺

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