Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Pinterest. Have you visited yet? So many great ideas/recipes to pin & then try. I created a new board for myself titled 'hair.' This is where I have pinned different cuts & hair colors I like or may want to try someday. Yesterday was that someday. I marched confidently into the salon & said, "Today, I would like to go darker. It would be nice for my hair to finally match my eyebrows." The stylist said, "Okay, but I will only go one shade darker than your haircolor is now, otherwise it will be too dark." Then I said something like, "Add lots of highlights for contrast & while you are at it, go ahead and cut an inch off the length, just to mix things up!"
I have to say, my stylist did a great job on the cut, color & highlights. Thanks Laurel for sharing your stylist information!!!  I am loving the new color!


Laurel said...

Where is the photo?!

Laurel said...

Looks great! I'm going to see her tomorrow. Can't wait!!