Sunday, December 16, 2012

Be the Good...

Yesterday, I decided to only look for the good in the world. So much evil in the past few days. I challenged myself to only focus on the good. I found it.

Omid and I went Christmas shopping yesterday. While shopping, I recognized a PE teacher from Camas HS organizing a group of his students. He handed out walkie talkies and gave them each a specific task. He was very energetic about rallying his students to find & purchase gifts for a local family who couldn't afford Christmas this year. His energy & enthusiasm were contagious. Omid and I watched them talk to each other on their walkie talkies communicating about their finds. We were excited for them. Good job, Mr. Hallead. You got extra points in my book yesterday!

I read the blog, Fritz is Fine. This morning I read Fritz's post about a lady named Betty in Michigan. Betty was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. This will most likely be her last Christmas. Betty's grandmother is asking anybody who has heard the story to please send her grandma a Christmas card to cheer her up a bit. Any card, any note, even simple pictures drawn by children will do. I love this story. The minute I read Betty's story, I got up and addressed a Christmas card to her. You can send Betty & her husband a Christmas card too. Be the good! 45 cents is such a small price to pay to send a smile.☺
Betty & Ed Vogel
425 E Coleman Road
Clare, MI 48617

Keep looking for the good, my friends!! 
It IS there!!!

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