Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get Crafty!

DIY Woolen Dryer Balls!

Have you seen the Woolzies brand of dryer balls that are all over the internet right now? 6 wool balls for $35.00.

They are supposed to cut laundry drying time in half. I found a tutorial via Pinterest on the blog Overthrow Martha.  They looked so simple to make that I decided to make my own dryer balls.

I bought a large skein (465 yards) of wool yarn from Michael's for about $9.00 (with a coupon). I wanted to purchase hot pink, chartreuse & sky blue yarn; but unfortunately, Michael's only sold 'winter' type colors of wool yarn.

I wrapped the yarn around my fingers ten times, then took the yarn off my fingers & wrapped it around the middle ten times as well.

Next I brought the two ends together & continued wrapping.

 I kept wrapping until it took on a crude ball shape.
I didn't stop wrapping until the ball was the size of a tennis ball. This took about ten to fifteen minutes (per ball).
To prevent the ball from unraveling, I took a large embroidery needle & sewed the tail through to the other side.
Next I placed the balls into a pair of pantyhose. I tied each section off with dental floss and washed the balls in very hot water and then dried them on high heat (still inside the pantyhose).
Voila! Homemade dryer balls. I can't wait to try them out to see if they really work.☺
UPDATE: They really work! The 'normal' setting on my dryer is for 41 minutes & today the load was dry in less than 20 minutes. Thinking I will have to make more of these & give them as gifts.

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Sherri Griffin said...

Hi! It's Sherri from Overthrow Martha! I'm excited that you're trying the wool dryer balls! I hope you love them as much as we do! You'll have to let me know what you think about them! Enjoy!