Monday, July 15, 2013

Wallpaper Removal Project

Last Sunday, I had the bright idea to finally remove the horrid wallpaper & border in one of our upstairs bathrooms. This was supposed to be done seven years ago after we moved into this house. Suffice it to say that after removing wallpaper border in two of the upstairs bedrooms, I didn't want to tackle the job of the bathroom & thought we could live with it. Have you ever removed wallpaper or border? It's a messy, horrible job!
I love dogs, but these pups are downright creepy to me, especially the Cocker Spaniel.
 Removing all the paper/paste took me 2.5 days & would have gone much, much faster if I had used a tip I found on Pinterest right away. The tip: use straight white vinegar to strip away the paper/paste. Instead, I used two different brands of wallpaper stripper before using the vinegar. I finally wised up & used the vinegar. The difference: See for yourself!
This is the size of the paper/paste I was able to remove with Dif & Chomp. It was a very slow process.

THIS is the size of the paper/paste the vinegar removed!
What a difference!

Finally making progress!

Goodbye ugly wallpaper!

Voila! The bathroom looks much bigger now.

Now the hard work begins. Patching all the exposed drywall (sorry Omid!) & applying texture to the drywall. I was hoping there would be texture underneath the paper so all I would have to do is paint over it. This little project got much bigger. What's next? Tearing out the pocket door, sinks & counter. Hopefully it won't take another 7 years to get that done.☺ Right now I am finding lots of inspiration via Pinterest with all the bathroom remodel ideas. ☺

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