Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Shred - Update!

August is right around the corner & I cannot believe it. It seems like we just got out for summer vacation. July was not the best month for us. Lots of changes, some good, some bad. I am welcoming August with open arms and look forward to it being a good month! Power of positive thinking, people!
A friend told me about this book, The Four Agreements. Have you read it? The recommendation came at just the right moment for me. This book is a super quick read and I think, amazing. I picked it up from the library and finished it in about an hour.

The book is divided into agreements with a chapter explaining each one. I found this infographic on Pinterest and plan to print it so I can read it daily.

Regarding my Shred update: I have been doing GREAT on the eating more fruits, veggies and eating little to no processed food. I feel so much better in the last four months that I have been following that plan. It's now 'habit' for us to eat this way. A very good thing! To help me keep track of my water intake, I posted this cute printable in the kitchen & mark off each time I drink a glass of water.

What I am not doing good on? Following the 3 glasses of wine a week rule and exercise. Walking, yes, as I have to walk Remy, but I need to increase the cardio. I have several workout videos that are gathering dust. I dug them out and have a plan to do one of the workouts a day.
Jillian Michaels dvds.
I found them at Costco last year for about $7 each.

 This is the best workout video ever!

Whenever I finish it, I can barely walk for about an hour after. My legs are like noodles and I can't even walk up or down the stairs. I found this dvd when the local Border's store closed & I  had a gift card I needed to use. It was the best $11 I ever spent! The entire workout is set to a military march on a snare drum. So funny.☺

To keep  myself accountable, I cut up some PostIt notes (a tip I found on DietGirl, via Pinterest). Each time I finish one of the workouts, I take off one of the PostIts. This countdown is kept right in the family room, so I won't forget about it. The numbers go up to 21, as the thinking is: it takes 21 days to create a habit.
Lastly, I found this great quote on Pinterest. Omid says this all the time and it's so true!

I will check in again & update you after my 21 days is up. Wish me luck!☺

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Unknown said...

I envy those who can get the motivation for exercise. I just can't seem to get there.