Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Evening with Barry Manilow!

On Thursday, May 28th, I FINALLY got to see Barry Manilow live in concert!

I have been waiting 36 years for this event! If you remember, back in 2013, Omid bought me tickets to see Barry Manilow for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled and I was one bummed out Mother.
Fun fact: I used to lie on the living floor of my parents house, listening to Barry Manilow; daydreaming that he would sing to me in person, while I sat on a wooden stool next to him onstage (with the spotlight on us). #fanilowsinceage10
My wonderful colleague, Sandy, received an offer from Groupon and we pounced on it. For the past 6 weeks, this concert was basically all we could talk about. No joke.

Myself, Nick, Fay & Sandy with our eTickets.
We tried to get Fay to go with us Fanilows, but she refused.
Fay - you KNOW you would have loved it!!!
Here's the fun group that did attend Barry with Sandy & I.
Amy, Nick, Sandy, Me, Lin & Tammie = MANILOVERS!
The concert was absolutely fantastic!!! Barry did not disappoint and sang ALL of my favorite songs!

I hope I have half the energy Barry does when I am 72!!

This last video is my favorite. He sang Mandy then transitioned into Could it be Magic. So wonderful!
Star-struck Fanilows post concert!

How awesome is this? Lin ran out to purchase me a shirt and missed MANDY. I was so sad for her.
I wore this shirt to work on Friday and of course was asked questions all day long. I happily answered them all!

Even though Barry said this is his final concert, I am selfishly hoping he'll headline back in Vega$. I would see him again in a heartbeat! Thank you Barry for a magical time!

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