Saturday, May 2, 2015

Make This...and a Selfie Stick!

Bacon Wrapped Dates!!
Sometimes you find a recipe on Pinterest that looks so delicious, you drop everything and make it that instant. This is that recipe!
Every time we've eaten at Hearth restaurant in Washougal, we get these for an appetizer. They are listed on both the appetizer AND dessert menu there! ☺
These are so easy to make and so addicting. Matty and I actually ate them for dinner recently. ☺
Pit 12-15 dates.
We purchase our dates from Costco. ☺

Fill with goat cheese.

Wrap a half slice of bacon around each and secure with a toothpick.
*Tip: soak the toothpicks in water while you are pitting the dates/cutting the bacon. The toothpicks won't burn that way.

Place on a cookie sheet.
I used a cooling rack so the bacon grease would drip down.
 Bake for 20-25 minutes at 375*.
Voila! Your appetizer, dinner or dessert is served!
The first time I made these, I did half with goat cheese, half without. The cheese cuts the sweetness of the dates (which can be over the top sweet). The second time I made them, I filled them all with cheese. Much better and that's how I will make them from now on.

Not related to the dates at all, but definitely blogworthy...Omid recently returned from a business trip. He said to me, "This next gift is from your friends in Singapore." I thought for sure it was kaya jam...but no, it was something much more fun:
A selfie stick!!!!
Omid's coworkers know me too well! ☺
First test shot...with a Remy photo bomb.

Thank you Cheryl, Valen & Jeffrey for the selfie stick!!!
We recently took the selfie stick with us to our first Timbers game (thank you Alex & Valerie for the tickets!). The couple behind us asked, "What the heck is that?" We were only to happy to tell them what it was.

Watch out everyone, I am armed with selfie stick and am not afraid to use it!☺

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