Sunday, February 24, 2008

birthday surprise

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, we decided to drive out to Skamania Lodge for their breakfast buffet and celebrate Naseem's birthday. Their famous brunch is on Sundays only, but they have a mini brunch on Saturday which was still delicious. The scenery was gorgeous and we saw some Golden Eagles. We stopped off at Bonneville Dam to look at the fish ladder. At the gate, the guard had to open the back to make sure we weren't bringing in any bombs or anything. That was new since the last time I visited. We saw one young Steelhead in the fish viewing room. That was exciting! ;)

We crossed over to 84 and stopped off at the outlet center to shop around. Naseem was in no mood for stopping. We asked her to be patient, as even though it was her bday, it was also her grandparents last day in the States and all that jazz. Nas decided to stay in the car while we shopped. By the time we got home, Nas was hopping mad. We tried to cajole her into just being patient...good things come to those who wait. But no. Patience is not for teenagers. I finally had to share the surprise with her and then she felt guilty for being such a pill. For months she has wanted to get her upper ear cartilage pierced and we said no. This was her surprise, that she could get the piercing she wanted. She was so excited. we went to the mall and she got her upper ear pierced - ouch! She chose a small 3 mm cubic zirconia post. When the woman at the store loaded the gun, I had this instinct that I better check just to make sure it was the correct earring Nas wanted. Good thing! She had loaded this honking 6 mm CZ into the gun! Nas would not have been happy. She apologized all over and I was so thankful I had the foresight to check. Whew! Anyways....Nas' ear looks so cute! Photo coming later. After the painful stop at Icing, we went to Hollister and bought some new things.

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i was really mad, wasn't i?