Thursday, February 14, 2008

Netflix This!

Last night we watched a hilarious movie (for the 5th time!)...The Party with Peter Sellers. It's terribly un-PC and full of stereotypes...but if you can get past will be on the floor laughing at Peter Seller's antics. Much of the movie was improvised and you can see the girl who plays Michelle Monet laughing throughout the film. The movie was made in 1968 and is full of those wonderful hairdos, costumes and architecture/decorating of the 60's. The first 3/4 of the movie is great, the last 1/4 I was waiting for it to be finished. Random fact: You'll recognize Captain Steubing from Love Boat in the film.

The photo was from yesterday afternoon. Check out Remy's cheesy smile. He had just visited his girlfriend, Ruby (Chocolate Lab from next door and an older woman!). :)

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Anonymous said...

i can't look @ that picture without laughing.