Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yesterday was a mixed day. Fun and sad. First thing in the morning, we took Remy to the field by our house and let him see 100's of Canadian Geese. He was on point and it was so neat. He chased one group of birds and surprised another. He had a great time. We went back home and had breakfast. We gathered for a quick family photo before Arezou had to leave to go back to Chicago. Remy was supposed to be in the picture, but chose to try to get a radish out of his Kong instead (you can see his "blur"). After this pix, we dropped Naseem off at a friends house and the rest of us drove to the airport. We saw Arezou off and then went off to visit the new shops byIKEA. We shopped for a bit and then came home. At 5:30, we met a bunch of friends at Big Al's for a bowling birthday party. It was so much fun. It was way too busy there, and I am glad I didn't bring my purse - there was no way to keep track of it. Anyways, in the first game, I got 4 strikes! I don't know how that happened (must have the been the bowling lessons my parents signed my sister and I up for when we were 7 & 8 - no kidding!). Then in the 2nd game, I got 3 strikes. My right arm is sore, because all the light b-balls were taken and I had to grab a heavier one. Omid didn't bowl, he sat with Fari & Mansour and cheered me on. Afterwards, we dropped off Omid's parents who were tired, and we took Lin's kids and went to our friends' house for bday cake. It was a fun night (& Nas said she didn't want to go as it would be boring!). :)

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