Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Keeping Green

Our neck of the woods will soon get a traffic circle (Camas/Washougal) on Highway 14. I admit, I groaned when I read about it. Whenever we visit our family in West Olympia, we encounter traffic circles. Many of them. I don't like them (& that could be because I haven't quite figured out how to navigate them yet). But I learned something interesting about traffic circles yesterday. The high school band teacher sent out this interesting information: "Since internal combustion engines pollute the most—by far—when they are idling, the more we can keep traffic moving, the better. Traffic jams and stop lights contribute more to pollution than free-flowing highways and streets." With this information in mind, I will try not to hate the Olympia traffic circles too much. In trying to reduce my own carbon footprint, I purchased a reusable Trader Joe's shopping bag this evening (a nifty sky blue bag with surfboards-very tropical looking) and a bargain for only 99c.


Anonymous said...

i laugh whenever i read your posts

audslife said...

Okay Erin, I read the whole blog almost in one sitting. Took time out as B, Booey and Tom came for dinner.

I really enjoyed it, I loved the pictures and the articles. You were always very good at writing.

I have now read Nas' and B's. I asked B tonight if she had updated it but she said no, not yet.