Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let's Make a Deal!

Ever since Nas was little, she & Omid have been making 'deals' with each other. It's how they both get what they want. That's how we got Remy. Nas refused to eat anything other than minestrone soup, chicken nuggets & carrots. She also wanted a dog (So did I!!!). Omid told Nas that she could get a dog if she ate "whatever" was put in front of her for 30 days. She did it and we got Remy!
This morning, Nas negotiated another deal with Omid. Nas really wants her belly button pierced. Omid wants straight A's from Naseem. The deal is that if Naseem gets straight A's from the HS and Running Start this year, she can get her belly button pierced in June. I said, "no way!", but was overruled by both of them.

Stay tuned!


The Rinkels said...

Holy cow! That's quite a deal. That a tough one. Please, please, I hope my kids don't grow up. (God, are you listening???)

Laurel said...

My mom let us pierce anything and do whatever we wanted to our hair. Thankfully we didn't do anything too drastic, and we turned out okay. Jill had purple hair once and I got the upper part on my ear pierced. Good luck to both sides.

sbaily said...

WOW! That is quite a bet. I am rooting for Nas.

Chris and Sarah said...

I will root for you on 2 occasions:
1. You show me your piercing when you are 9 months pregnant.
2. You show me that thing when you are 94.
Good game!