Friday, September 18, 2009

Omid and I decided to stay in town tonight and support local business. We heard there was a wine tasting downtown at K'Syrah. So...let me just say that I wish we had gone to Roots instead. (whenever we can't decide where to go out to dinner/happy hour, we end up at Roots). But no. I insisted that we try something new - so K'Syrah it was.

The tasting was $13 for 5 pours of wine. The man at the counter said it was $26 even. So...when the owner ran our card, it was $28.13. Omid asked why it wasn't $26? The lady said, "You are paying a service tax on us serving you the wine." Hmmm....Omid and I thought about this. When this gal and her friend ran Salut Wine Company, it was either $5, $10 or $13 for wine tasting. You paid that amount and NO tax. Okay...we were there to support the local business, we'll pay the tax.

After that....our pours got smaller and smaller. We compared them to the man tasting nex to us. It was almost funny. The wines weren't that good anyway. Certainly not worth $13. I have had $6 Yellow Tail wine that tastes MUCH better than the wines we had tonight. We opted not to have the last pour and walked around downtown instead.

After that, we went to the CHS football game and tried to find our kids. No luck - they avoided us like the plague. While Omid and I were watching the game, a woman whom I have never seen before approached us. I had no idea who she was, but she kept questioning me and wanted to know if I was a Camas or Evergreen fan. Next she asked what exactly happens at halftime. I told her I thought the marching band performed as they were lined up to go on the field. After about ten minutes, she came over to tell me that she asked someone else the score and I had it wrong. One last time she came back and told me that even though she was dressed in Evergreen colors, she was indeed rooting for Camas. Hilarious.

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