Monday, September 21, 2009

Coug Fan!

Remy received a super-cool gift today. What is it?! What is it?!

A new WSU dog bandana!

Cougar Pride!

Go Cougs!

Remy will be sporting his new scarf during the WSU-USC game this Saturday!

Thanks Sarah! Remy loves his new scarf and so do I!!


bgygi said...

Love the peasant look!

erinz said...

He could be either 'peasant' or 'Persian' in that photo. Take your pick!

Chris and Sarah said...

The peasant is my favorite shot..... he is so cute!

The Rinkels said...

Go Cougs! Always like to see people spreading the cougar love. Nice work Remy.
The Pearl Jam concert was great. We were 2 rows from the top of Key Arena. Talk about NOSEBLEED section. Can't wait to see them at the amphitheater. Should be a terrific show.

sbaily said...

Remy is so beautiful. Whether he is "regal or peasant...He is a Viszla for the people, so loving, so perfect, so wonderful...I hope Julius doesn't read this.