Friday, September 25, 2009

Pumpkin Puree Shortage!

Did you know there is a pumpkin puree shortage in the US right now? It's true! Go to any grocery store (in our area anyway!) and most will tell you they cannot get pumpkin puree. Maybe not even for weeks. Apparently early rains have ruined much of the commercial pumpkin crop.

This sent me into a panic, as I NEED pumpkin now. Not only do I need it for my hobby, but my family depends on me for pumpkin bars & muffins this time of year. Thank God for Costco. Our local store had several pallets. I bought a case. I should be set for a few weeks now.

Run to your Costco to stock up on pumpkin before they run out too!


sbaily said...

I need gasoline...I will go to Costco tomorrow between Boey's game, cutting down trees and Sammee's cheering.

Laurel said...

Oh no! I love to make pumpkin bars and pumpkin this and pumpkin that. I'd best get some. Unfortunatley, I just went to Costco, so hopefully they'll have some when I go back in a week or so.

erinz said...

If not, I know I can spare ONE can. ;)