Saturday, October 2, 2010

Get Your Greek On!

Today we went to the Greek Festival sponsored by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox church in Portland. It was delicious & fun! We have wanted to go in the past but always missed it. So glad we went this year! Talents!
We bought 40 talents (tokens) & decided to eat our way through the festival.


Lots of people!
Our first stop - Gyros!
Lamb station.
I liked the tiropita while Omid preferred the spanokopita.
Bougatsa - phyllo pastry with custard filling. We also ate kourabiethes. Those were so gooood. After dessert, we decided to go back for more savory food. Matty hit they gyro station again while Omid went to another booth.
Souvlaki - pork kebab
We also got to tour the inside of the church. It was really beautiful. I loved the Greek icons. The church gift shop was a fun stop. Icons, evil eye necklaces, key chains, etc. There was also a Hellenic museum upstairs. Lovely costumes, copper pots, textiles & information about Greek food. It was super organized, clean and loads of fun! We will definitely be back next year!

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