Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy & Sad

Nas & I have been going through old photographs of her to put in the Senior section of the CHS yearbook. It's been so much fun looking at the pictures & reliving old memories. It's also heartbreaking and makes me cry. I cannot believe how fast my kids have grown up. My time with the kids went WAY TOO FAST. Here are some of my favorites! Matty 2nd grade

As you can see, Matty started skateboarding in preschool.
I think this one should definitely go in the yearbook when Matty is a senior!

Nas - 10 months.
I had Harry Potter glasses before Harry was even popular.

4th birthday

Looked at Nas' Facebook lately? She still makes that same face!

Matty was always karate-chopping something or someone. Just ask his Uncle Mike.

These next two I am thinking of blowing up in a larger size & framing.
My absolute favorites in the bunch.

You will hear it a million times & it's so true. Kids grow up so fast! I wish I could rewind & relive those days. Such wonderful memories!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Awww...! What cute pics! I think your kids are great, but my favorite is your Harry Potter glasses. You were a trend setter.