Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Clean Fun!

This past July, I purchased my first Method brand cleaning product: almond scented wood floor cleaner. I loved it so much, I mopped my floors every other day. I am not lying when I say cleaning is a joy with these products. Not only are you doing good for the earth, but the scents are so uplifting, I WANT to clean. How's that for a product plug? I slowly got rid of all my Costco sized containers of eco-unfriendly cleaners & replaced those with Method products. I even joined Method's People Against Dirty & have entered a few contests. And....guess what? I won one! It was supposed to be for their laundry detergent (he friendly!), but they ran out of those (darn it!). So instead, Method is sendng me 200 free samples of their Smarty Dish automatic dishwater cleaning tabs to give away to my coworkers. I am hooked on these products!
Here are my favorite Method products so far (from L to R): Ylang Ylang Daily Shower Cleaner (wow!), Almond scented Floor Cleaner, Daily Granite Spray, Almond scented Wood Cleaner, & Lil Bowl Blu toilet cleaner (how cute a name is that!?). It's eucalyptus/mint scent, but I think it smells like sage.

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The Rinkels said...

I'm going to get the granite spray. And, when I have a floor again, I'll get the almond floor cleaner. : (