Monday, November 29, 2010

Method Contest Update

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I won a People Against Dirty online contest to give away 200 Method Smarty Dish dishwashing tabs. Read about that here. The samples arrived & I had to decide which of the three offices in the district that I work at would be the lucky recipient. I finally decided on the elementary school & the Special Services office. Two hundred Smarty Dish samples.

The best part of the sample = $1.00 off any Method product!

Anna at Method also sent me this cute t-shirt.
The leaves on the tree are all Method soap bottles.

I made this sign on Scrapblog.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't print at home so I tried to print it on the color printer at school. It wouldn't work there either. I finally just printed it in black & white. It wasn't as cute as the color version, but it got the point across: free!

Staff lounge at school with my B&W sign.

Most of the samples were snatched up before the first recess. I went back after lunch to check on the progress. There were about 25 left so I decided to take those to the Special Services office. Several people told me they already like the Method hand soap & granite spray and were excited to try the Smarty Dish.

I hope everyone liked (loved!) their free samples!
Once again I have to give Method a shout-out & say how much I love their products!
I only wish they were located in Portland so I could work for them.
Thank you for the free samples Method!!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Thanks for the samples, Erin! I love that soap!! (and the coupons!!!)