Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

A few weeks ago, Omid asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him there were only two things that I really wanted: #1 - travel to Las Vegas & see a Barry Manilow show or #2 get Botox injections for the number l l l between my brows. Omid said there was NO WAY he was going to see Barry Manilow; so the Botox won.

Why did I want this done? Even though I am a very happy person, I catch myself frowning while concentrating (talking to people, baking, blogging, etc.). I don't want to be one of those people who frown so much, the lines become deep, permanent wrinkles.

Last Wednesday I visited a doctor's office for a consult and today....I had the Botox! It was exciting and terrifying at the same time and YES - it was painful.

My problem area.

Injection sites.
I actually had 6 injections. I placed an ice pack on the area just before the injections. The freaky part were the injections themselves. The SOUND of the needle piercing my skin was almost too much. Not only that - but I could HEAR the Botox being injected. The nurse told me that's usually a sign of dehydration. So...I've been drinking lots of water today.
After the procedure, I was told to stay upright for at least 4-5 hours. No bending over, no lifting heavy objects, no exercise, etc. This is to limit the Botox from migrating to other areas of my face/body. I have been following those directions religiously as I want the Botox to stay right there between my brows.
*It's now been 4 hours since my appt and I do have a headache (one of the side effects) & some of the injections sites are throbbing. My head also feels like I have a tight band around it at times. I will take these side effects vs some of the worse ones (nausea, droopy eyelids, intense itching, etc.).
*Update: 5 hours and am now pain free (except when I try to frown & that is a good thing!).

Pre appt shot.

Notice the parentheses around the mouth? Looks like Juvederm may be in my future.

I have to wait ten days to see if the Botox was able to work. If so, then I should be 'frown free' for 4 months.

Stay tuned!


Joanne said...

I am so excited to watch your "Botox Journey!" I can really relate to what it took to get to the point where you felt OK doing something just for you. Congratulations for breaking through to the other side! Self-indulgence....because you are worth it!

bgygi said...

I love the pre shot photo!

The Rinkels said...

True confessions!