Saturday, December 4, 2010

Small Town America

Last night, Matty, Omid & I ventured downtown for Camas' First Friday & the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. We were Christmas shopping in downtown Portland last Friday around the same time when the failed bombing attempt happened. We decided we would go to the Camas tree lighting ceremony and celebrate something we've taken for granted before. Matty, Omid & I
Camas PD was there with a car on display.

Camas Public Works had a snow plow on display too.
I LOVE small town America!
Since we were there an hour early, Omid & I decided to get a cocktail. (Matty was already off with friends!).
We went to our favorite restaurant in Camas: Olivers.
Toasting the Cougs!

After we were all warmed up, we went outside for the tree lighting & to visit with friends.
Laurel - I am still sad I missed you! :(

Camas Christmas tree. So pretty!


The Rinkels said...

I hope they do well today.

Laurel said...

Sad we missed you too! I think we were about 5 feet from you cause I have the same exact pic of tree as you. :(
We've never tried Oliver's. Maybe we'll have to.

P.S. I love small town America too!!!