Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Koin Studio 6

Today Omid and I drove to Gresham to tape my Koin Studio 6 segment (click here to watch the video). Back in November, I entered one of their contests & was one of four finalists. What did I win? A $30 Safeway gift card and a seven piece stainless steel cookware set. We had to tape the segment at Riegelmann's because they sponsored the contest. The contest asked for 'easy holiday side dish recipes.' I thought the broccoli-corn crunch dish I make every Thanksgiving fit the bill. The KOIN producers thought so too. :)
Here I am preheating the oven. I put my dish in & waited for my turn to tape the segment. However...there was another contest winner in the kitchen next to me. Her segment took so long (& THREE takes) that the croutons on my dish started to burn. Omid saved the day and turned all my croutons over so they wouldn't look burned. We had no idea when the other lady would finish so we turned off the oven and just let the dish sit in the warm oven.

I had an awesome GO COUGS tshirt on, but was asked to wear the Riegelmann's chef jacket. I took the apron off before the segment. I felt it was too much. :)

KOIN Studio 6 host Hayley Platt (she was also the host from when I baked my cobbler on the show in September). She was so sweet & invited Omid on the show to cook Persian food. He was flattered, but declined.

Preparing the broccoli-corn crunch.

Finished product.

I had as much fun as last time. Hayley & her producer George stayed after my segment to talk with Omid and I. They took the entire broccoli dish in a 'to-go' box with them. So glad they liked it!

After we were finished at Riegelmann's, Omid & I drove to Albany to a certain gun store. Omid bought a new tshirt & some gun accessories. Check out his new tshirt below:


Laurel said...

Excited to watch tomorrow :) I'm trusting it's good. Taking it to the Christmas eve feast without ever making it before.

Chris and Sarah said...

You were so great, Erin! The dish looks tasty and you were cuuuute!!

The Rinkels said...

Wow, you're really famous now. You're going to have your own cooking segment at this rate.

P.s. Elise plays the violin.