Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday, Seattle, Sunshine & Seahawks

Yesterday, Matty, Omid & I spent the day in Seattle. What a beautiful, sunshiny day it was too! Think Perry Como's The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen are in Seattle beautiful.
We started our morning at the Pike Place Market. Always fun to shop, people watch & see the Ferries coming in to town.

This man & his dog made me smile.

Even the support posts in market were festive.

Rock Cod rocking sunglasses.

Pepper wreath. So cute!

Omid & Matty with Rachel, the Market pig.

Fun Fact: See this meat shop? My dad worked here while he was a student in HS. He would ride the bus from the U District where he lived & work until closing. The name has changed, but the shop looks exactly the same.

Love this: Pannettone ornaments

So many delicious salami meats! How can one choose?

Mini Christmas trees were all over the Market buildings.


Cookie Monster!

Smith Tower - long ago, this was the tallest building in Seattle.

After eating our way through the Market, we met up with our friend, Kamyar & headed over to Qwest Field for a Seahawks game.

Safeco Field (right across the street).

Beautiful Olympic Mountains

Peek-a-boo shot of the field

While trying to find our seats, I turned around and saw this view of the Space Needle. If you look real close, you can see a Christmas tree on the top. So cute. We went up to the Suite level to find our seats, because that is where we thought we were supposed to be. An usher took us on a 15 minute walk & elevator ride to where our suite was located: ON THE FIELD! Unbelievable & so exciting!

The Seagals.
Fun Fact: The daughter-in-law of my mom's hairdresser is a Seagal dancer.
Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

So excited to be there & to have such great seats!!

Touchdown Seahawks!

Kamyar & Omid

View from my seat!

Seahawks & Atlanta Falcons

Omid & Matty.
See the box next to them? That box belongs to Matt Hasselbeck (the Seahawks quarterback) & those people are his friends & family.

Blitz - Seahawks Mascot


It was chilly!
The upside? We could go into the suite behind us to get warm & eat lunch.
Even though the Seahawks lost, the game was a lot of fun to watch!!!
Here is a video I took right before the game. I was so excited to be there, it's fast moving & you might get sick. If you have a strong stomach - enjoy! If not, you'd be better off not viewing it.

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