Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tomorrow is Naseem's 17th birthday! Where did the time go?? Sigh....

This afternoon, Remy & I made cupcakes for her to take to school tomorrow.

I found these cute cupcake liners at Fred Meyer.

Nas' favorite cake: Funfetti!

Fun Fact & Money Saving Tip: Ask the bakery at your local grocery store for take out whipped cream icing. It's inexpensive (less than $5 for two 16 oz. containers) & tastes delicious! I also asked if I could purchase sprinkles. A 3 oz container in the baking section cost over $3 & the sprinkles weren't that cute. The bakery sold me a huge container (over 8 oz) for .56 cents!

Nas & Remy with the finished cupcakes.


Remy enjoys whipped cream frosting too! Don't worry - I triple sanitized the spatula. :)

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