Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Fun!

Early Sunday morning, I received a phone call from Lin & Ward. They invited our family out for breakfast. I declined, as everyone was still in bed & wouldn't be ready in time. I asked her for a rain check & told her to have fun.

Minutes later, I heard tires screeching & the consistent honk of a car horn - in our driveway. I ran to the window to see who was making all the commotion; and see the Kellogg family. The Kelloggs came inside and said they were not taking NO for an answer. We had to come to breakfast with them. Ward & Lia ran upstairs to wake Nas & Matty (who were not amused). Omid & I were still in shock - wondering WHAT just happened. The next thing we knew, we were (Remy & Jack included!!) on our way to Tin Shed Garden Cafe for breakfast.

Favorite new PDX find!
Unfortunately, Lin & Ward neglected to make reservations and we had to wait for over an hour (in the COLD) for a table. The food was definitely worth the wait!
Waiting in the warm car.

Still waiting!

Omid, Jack, Ward, Amy & Lin braving the cold.

Jack & Remy - waiting for goodies.

I really want a bite of something!

I heard from a friend about a great new (& FREE) app called Instagram. Here's a photo of Remy at the restaurant before I touched it up with Instagram.

After Instagram!

Bottom line: We had a great time dog-watching at this restaurant! The food was super and I can't wait to go back for dinner. Next time, I will make sure to ask for a chair for Remy. He was definitely unhappy sitting on the ground.

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