Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Omid!

Omid's birthday was on Saturday. Happy belated birthday post, Omid! Omid with Sacajawea

There was only thing Omid wanted for his birthday: freshly ironed sheets. Why, you ask? When Omid was young and living in Iran, he was used to sleeping on ironed sheets.

You may be surprised (or not!) to learn that I have never ironed our bedsheets. I buy Vera Wang 800 thread count, wrinkle-free sheets from Kohl's. They are absolutely perfect just as they are & I see no reason to iron them. I usually take them out of a hot dryer & immediately place them on the beds (in my mind, eliminating any need for an iron). Since I was busy all day on Saturday, I post-poned the sheet ironing for today when I had nothing else planned.
Fresh from the dryer - waiting for the hot iron.

Pillow case #1

Can you tell the difference? The sheet on the left is freshly pressed.
The sheet on the right is waiting it's turn.

It took me 20 minutes to iron 2 pillowcases & 1 flat sheet.

The dreaded fitted sheet. This baby took an astounding 40 minutes to iron. I finally gave up after wrenching my back TRYING to make this sheet perfect. It was less than.

Fun fact: You will be happy to know that I can't fold fitted sheets either. Many people have tried to teach me, but I just cannot do it. I even tried the Martha Stewart tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet. Major fail! Now, I just roll them up in a big ball & place them in the linen closet. It's just a fitted sheet - who cares!? I certainly don't.

Happy birthday Omid! I love you and hope you enjoy your ironed sheets. :)

PS: I prefer to spend my time perusing the internet looking for recipes for my family. I feel that is time well-spent. Otherwise...I'd recycle the same boring menu again & again. THAT to me is a fail!

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