Sunday, February 20, 2011

Razor Clamming

On Saturday, we headed over to Long Beach, WA to dig some razor clams. We hadn't been clamming since May. The low tide wasn't until later, so we explored the town for a bit. The world's largest frying pan. Check out for quirky stops all over the USA. I typed in Long Beach, WA. The site said Long Beach had TWO interesting sites. After we visited the frying pan, we headed across the street to Marsh's Free Museum. This store is home to Jake - The Alligator Man. A must see according to Roadside America.

Nas with the two headed calf.


After spending a lot of time (over one hour!) in Marsh's Free Museum, we finally headed to the beach to start clamming.

It took a while to get into our gear. Clamming is a wet & dirty activity. I am always surprised when I see clammers wearing only jeans. Jeans are so uncomfortable when wet!

It was a gorgeous day!
We got our limit & had a great time. Thanks to Nas for taking all the great photos!!
Our haul: 60 delicious clams!


Chris and Sarah said...

I love all the quirky stuff in Long Beach!

The Rinkels said...

My kids would love that. Looks like fun...and the weather was great.