Saturday, November 12, 2011


Matty & I took a field trip into Portland today. We found a very interesting store called Cargo. It's full of fun, functional & eclectic things. If you go, bring plenty of cash. While some things were reasonably priced, most of the items were expensive. Cargo is located on 13th & Flanders in The Pearl District.

Here are a few of the things I liked.

LOVED these Santos heads (pricey, so I only took photos).

Japanese rubber stamps. So cute.

These eyelid pendants really closed. Freaky & yet I liked them at the same time.

Cargo had lots of Christmas things. These glittered reindeer ($10) were exactly like the ones featured in
this month's Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I love advent calendars (without the chocolate!!). There were 3 Victorian designs to choose from - all darling. It was hard to choose just one ($6).

Cargo had a great card section. Here are some that I liked. ☺

Japanese Daruma dolls. Always fun! The giant Daruma was $240.

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