Sunday, November 27, 2011

Apple Cup Update!

Even though the Cougs lost the Apple Cup last night (21-38), we had a great time with our friends Lin & Ward.
Fun fact: Matty & I battled for the wishbone from our turkey. My wish: that WSU win the Apple Cup. Matty's wish: he didn't have one. Guess what? I won the wishbone! Last time I take stock in a wish bone. >:(

I tried a ShockTop & Ward tried Manny's.

Go Cougs!!

 This score was the high point of the game: tied!! Shortly after this photo, we fell far behind & lost. While I know many "classy Huskies", I have to say we encountered many rude Husky fans. The Cougs showed class all the way! Go Cougs!!!
Looking forward to next season! GO COUGS!!!!!

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