Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey: Fresh or Frozen?

For years, (or my entire life, really!) our family has always purchased frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving. Personally speaking, I have always waited for WINCO to have their .26/lb Butterball sale. But this year, we are trying something new and purchasing a fresh turkey from my friend Melissa. 
Meet Tom Turkey!
Photo courtesy Lacamas Fresh Farms

Melissa & her family own Lacamas Fresh Farm in Camas. LFF is selling fresh turkeys this year. Harvest is Monday & you also get your turkey that same day (remember: its FRESH!). Omid plans to start the brining process Monday evening, & then smoke the turkey on Thursday. This make me happy as it frees up the one oven in the house. Fact: I really need double ovens!!

If you want to try the fresh route, contact Melissa @ 904-8499. She has a few fresh turkeys left.

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