Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meet Tom Turkey!

Today Omid and I drove out to Lacamas Fresh Farms in Camas. We went to pick out our Thanksgiving dinner.

Check out the video below. This is a little piece I like to call: Omid Talks Turkey. Omid 'gobbled' at the turkeys & they 'gobbled' right back. So funny!


Omid liked this 'Tom.'

Farmer Shane showing us our bird.

Tom was very friendly & let us pet him. I felt a little guilty for a minute or two.
Then I remembered how much I love turkey dinner.

Check out this beast. Poor guy was so top heavy, he could barely walk.

Melissa & Shane have just a few fresh turkeys left for harvest. All the others in the field have been spoken for. If you are looking for a fresh turkey, give them a call at Lacamas Fresh Farms!

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