Thursday, April 5, 2012

Get Crafty!

I saw this darling paper bag Easter basket on Pinterest the other day. I decided I had to try & make it.
How hard could it be?! Oh my gosh. I am so impatient & truly ADD, that I had to have Matty take over. Cutting the paper strips was no problem at all. Folding them: simple. Weaving them? Arrgghhh! Matty had to finish this craft for me. It took over two hours, so if you start - make sure you have a free afternoon.
Beautiful weave. Thank you Matty!

Perfect handle. Again, thank you Matty!

Almost done.

We only did two rows for the sides, as Matty was starting to get tired of doing 'my' project.
When I say 'we' - I mean Matty.☺

Thank you Matty for crafting this darling basket! If you want to try...go to this site for the complete tutorial.
Matty isn't only craftastic, he is a runner/sprinter too!
Thanks Mattyboo! Love you lots!

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