Monday, April 30, 2012

What a Croc!

My sister in law, Arezou, works for Crocs (the shoe company) in Colorado. I have never really been a fan of their original shoe - thinking it was best left to the elderly or very young to wear.

Fun fact: My dad only wears the orginal Crocs. He refuses to wear any other shoe.

But last week...something changed my point of view....Arezou & friends were in an ad for Crocs new women's shoe, Springi.  Click here to see the ad!
I think this new style is totally cute & amazingly comfortable!

I once said I would never own a pair of Crocs.
Lesson learned...never say never!!!


Laurel said...

I kind of like them. They would be a great summer shoe. And.... I'm half tempted to buy a pair for Sarah. Just because. :)

erinz said...

I like your idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!