Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Matty *update*

Matty had his MRI & doctor follow up last week. The verdict: extensive cartilage damage. Matty will need surgery to remove two pieces of cartilage that were torn & are floating around - just waiting to cause problems. More likely than not, Matty will also have to have micro fracture surgery. The surgeon won't know for sure until they go in to remove the cartilage. But he told us to expect it. If he does have the surgery, Matty will be on crutches for 6-8 weeks & won't be able to run or skateboard until November at the soonest. Heartbreaking news for this active boy. :(  Here's to keeping positive & hoping for the best!

So, until then....Matty who used to run for now looking for other hobbies to enjoy. Last night, he offered to make dinner & I took him up on it.
He made us barbecued hamburgers. They were delicious too! Here's his recipe:

1.5 pounds ground angus beef
2/3 cup barbecue sauce (We use James Gang out of Newberg, OR. It's the BEST!)
2 T McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning (found at Costco)
Mix it all together, shape into patties & grill.


rachel said...

Bummer! It's always frustrating to be injured when all you want to do is go, go, go! Tell him I'm thinking of him(and those burgers look tasty!).

Mateen said...

Thanks for the well-wishes Rachel!!! They are appreciated! Matty sends his regards. ☺ Hope you are doing well!