Friday, May 4, 2012


Matty was able to get his arthroscopic knee surgery today. Unfortunately, when the doctor went in & took a look around, the damage was so severe; he had to perform a micro fracture. Darn it! This means Matty cannot put any weight on his right foot/leg at all for 6 weeks. :(  Oh well - here's to youth, good health & a speedy recovery!☺

The video below is from You Tube. It's the exact same surgery Matty had today. Removal of cartilage + micro fracture surgery. I think it's fascinating! If you are squeamish, don't bother watching!

When Matty went back for his pre-op, the doctor came in & marked the 'correct' knee so there would be no mistakes. ☺

The patient patient.
 After Matty changed, he had to have his leg shaved. He wasn't too happy about that.

Prepped & ready to go!
 After his surgery, I was able to go into the recovery room. Poor Matty was zonked out!

 He eventually became alert enough to give me a thumbs up so I could text the photo to
Omid (who was in Pullman packing up Nas to bring her home).
Photo bomb by mom!
After a while, Matty really wanted a burger. The nurse told him he could have pudding, apple sauce or saltine crackers. He will get his burger tomorrow! Poor boy is used to eating close to 4,000 calories a day.
After just an hour & 45 minutes in recovery, Matty was well enough to come home!  Yay!

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