Monday, May 21, 2012

Half Marathon!

On Sunday, I finished my 4th half marathon!
So hard, but so much fun!!!

I decided that I was going to wear my Coug gear for the race; hence the GO COUGS!

My sister Cynthia & her husband Mike also ran the race. Cynthia had a goal to run the half in 2:07. Guess what! SHE DID IT!

This was my worst race. I was almost 6 minutes slower than last year. Very disappointing. The silver lining: I finished in under 3 hours!☺
Mike finished in 2:12 with an injured hamstring!!!
My goal next year: to beat 2:59!!!
I am already looking forward to May 2013!!!

Fun fact: So many of the race spectators gave me a GO COUGS shout out or had something nice to say about my tshirt/visor. One group even sang the WAZZU fight song! LOVED THAT!!! I also encountered several Husky hecklers (but I kept it classy & let their comments fall flat). ☺

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