Thursday, May 17, 2012

Matty *Update*

WARNING! If you are squeamish looking at surgery photos/blood - DO NOT READ THIS POST!

Okay? Okay! Read on if you are ready!☺

Matty had his post op appointment today. Everything went as expected during the surgery & Matty is healing very nicely!☺

The surgeon showed us photos from Matty's surgery. I was so excited, I asked if he could pause each photo so I could take my own photo. The surgeon kindly offered to burn a cd for us, so I could relax & enjoy the slideshow.☺

This first photo is where Matty's patella sheared off a chunk of cartilage. The surgeon actually referred to it as a "pothole."

 Here is the piece of cartilage that was torn off. The surgeon said he had to dig around to find it!
 Foreign body finally removed!

The next picture is of the micro fracture surgery. Check out that awl! OUCH!
 The surgeon punctured several holes to access the bone marrow/blood to stimulate new growth.
Finished!! for the blood! You've been warned!!!

Here are Matty's wounds 48 hours after surgery: 3 wounds.

Here are Matty's wounds 13 days post surgery! Healing nicely!!!
Hey! Looky that! Matty's leg hair is growing back.☺

Matty begins physical therapy next week with our good friends at Majerus & Company PT. He still has 4-6 more weeks on crutches, but is healing nicely & has virtually no pain!! Thanks for all your prayers!☺

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bgygi said...

Thanks for the warnings!! I did look at all the photos (through half closed eyes) and I didn't faint or get sick! Glad everything is healing well - wounds look great!!