Thursday, June 28, 2012

Get Crafty/Get Cleaning!

Two new ideas found on Pinterest this week! The first, a cute 4th of July rag bunting.

via Craftaholics Anonymous
I saw this & HAD to make it. So cute! I purchased fat quilt quarters from the crafty section of WalMart (.97 a piece). Their selection was the pits, but I didn't want to drive all the way to JoAnn's; so basic red, white & blue had to do.

Cut fabric into 1" x 10" strips.
This took about 45 minutes.
 Then tie the rags onto either a rope or some twine. I used crafter's twine. The knot tying was a little tricky at first, but Matty helped & it went quickly. This project took about two hours from start to finish. It looked so cute that I will definitely purchase fat quarters from JoAnn's for every holiday. You can make these are long or as short as you want.

I made a shorter version & stapled it above my mantel.

Very cute!

The next idea I found on Pinterest via The Craft Patch was a simple tub & shower cleaner. I have wasted so much money on cleaners 'claiming' to descale soap scum; that I figured I would try the simple Pinterest solution, as I already had the ingredients: white vinegar & Dawn dishwashing soap.
Take 1/2 c of white vinegar & microwave for 90 seconds. Pour into a spray bottle.
Add 1/2 cup of Dawn. Shake gently.
I emptied & rinsed out a container of granite cleaner  that didn't live up to it's reputation.
This is what happened when I added the hot vinegar. It started to melt.
Next time I will get a spray bottle from the Dollar Store.
Spray contents onto tub/shower & leave for 1 1/2 hours. The waiting was the hardest part for me. But I am glad I did. The soap scum wiped right off & I was left with two sparkling bathrooms. I will definitely use this tub/shower cleaner recipe again.☺
Once again, here's another reason to visit Pinterest! I love all the ideas I am getting from the site.☺


Laurel said...

A) I'm so glad someone I know tried the shower cleaner, I've been waiting to to hear if it really works. :)
B) Do you have a fabric cutting board and rotary cutter? I do and you are welcome to use it. That cutting would have taken about 10 minutes.
C) Super cute banner and I will make one for Harlow's bedroom!

Chris and Sarah said...

I LOVE that banner! Seems so cinchy!

erinz said...

Thanks friends! Laurel - next time I may need to borrow your rotary cutter & board. Thanks for the offer!☺