Monday, June 11, 2012

Raccoon Wrangling

We had raccoon visitors this afternoon. Poor Remy was going CRAZY & we knew it wasn't a squirrel. I took a peek outside & this is what I saw.
 Omid & I tried for over an hour to get them to leave, but they were very happy in our & had no plans to leave. I called animal control, but they said they were not interested in helping us out. That's all the info we needed to take care of the problem ourselves.

 Omid got his fishing net & I grabbed a box (& a big stick in case of attack!).
 Awwww! So cute, BUT so wild & this is Remy's yard!

 Swoop & scoop!
 In you go....we prefer a rabies free yard!
Omid closed the box & we relocated the twins to a wooded greenspace near our home. Remy is getting his rabies booster THIS WEEK!


sbaily said...

i don't know why om didn't make a coonskin hat out of them ,he would look really red neck with it, just like the swamp people. ha ha ha

erinz said...


Chris and Sarah said...

Ok, your whole situation cracked me up! Loved all the play-by-plays!