Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Pix

B & Cayden drove down from Olympia today. B & I had plans to spend the afternoon at Powell's Books in Portland.
B purchased a whole shelf of spy novels. Really.
B incognito in Powells.
After Powells, we needed a protein fix & stopped at a restaurant. We ordered two glasses of wine and a cheese plate. Here is our half finished plate.

We couldn't leave Powells without this: A virgin Mary toast stamp. Notice the 'divine' light. B bought one too.

Testing the bread.

Holy bread.

Holy toast - ready to sell on Ebay (actually, Matty ate it).

When we came home, Omid was prepping for dinner. Here he is making koobideh (in honor of B's visit).

Kebab barg shish kebabs.

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